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About the School


The School of Management

The School of Management was established in 1998 and at present comprises the Departments of Industrial Management, Business Administration, and Information Management, as well as the Graduate Institutes of Management and of Finance. Graduate Institute of Science and Technology Management was established in 2007.

The School of Management has an outstanding faculty offering courses in many fields of business and management, with a focus on training in management expertise, while also giving attention to the study of manufacturing processes, the integration of information and technology, and the application of scientific management methods and knowledge of systems.

The school is currently concentrating its efforts on the following areas:

1.Enhancing international exchange

The school continues to negotiate memoranda of understanding with colleges of business and management in well-known universities abroad, which enables the holding of joint conferences and exchanges of faculty and students.

To broaden our students' international outlook, the school also offers a study program in overseas business and a summer intensive English course, to develop our students‘ international business management abilities.

2. Emphasizing interdisciplinary integration

Our school faculty offer courses in each other's departments to provide our students more interdisciplinary study choices, as well as establishing a supra-departmental honors program, an EMBA program and other inter-departmental study programs, and providing courses on such subjects as e-commerce, industrial safety and sanitation, and software engineering and management for the entire university.

3.Integrating theory and practice

The school has established centers for research in such areas as global operations, software engineering and management, Taiwan's human resources, and case studies.
The school also offers an EMBA program and Taiwan's first EDBA program to give Taiwan's senior managers an optimum environment to develop their knowledge and skills.